Goats Milk Ice Cream

GoatsDavisons Goats Milk Ice Cream is some thing new which gives people who are allergic to cows milk the opportunity not to be left out when the family are having an ice cream.

The main thing that people are allergic to in cow’s milk is the lactose, goats milk still contains lactose but in a different form to cows milk.

95% of people who are allergic to cows milk can have goats milk without any problems. Although the market for goat’s milk products covers only a small percentage of the population, there is still a market for the products and Davison’s seen a market growth potential for this product on the Isle of Man.  It has sold extremely well during trials in 2011, and we will be expanding within this sector for 2012.

The only problems we can see at this time for goat’s milk products is the soaring price for dairy products worldwide with some increases this year totaling 45% in both the goat and cow derived product sectors, sugars have also soared in price, with the expanding world population, the decrease in dairy farmers each year, the disasters world-wide, the Australian floods, the Japan tsunami, the Asian market has been forced to take products from the european market making the dairy prices soar on the commodity markets worldwide.