Special flavours for Christmas and NYE

Our Christmas and New Year Specials went down a treat with our customers.

Christmas special flavours were Strawberry and Vodka and Christmas Pudding.

New Years specials were Cointreau Orange liquor ice cream with flecks (small chips) of dark chocolate throughout. The second is an Amaretto ice cream with flecks of dark chocolate. The third is a baileys ice cream with white chocolate flecks throughout and the third is Athol brose, which is a single malt whiskey ice cream, with toasted oats and Harry Owens of St.Johns Local Manx honey.

We would like to thank everyone who bought these and keep an eye out for more specials throughout the year. ??? To stay ahead of the crowds sign up to our mailing list now – http://www.davisons.co.im/subscribe-to-our-mailing-list-2/

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