Vanilla & Caviar Davison’s Manx Dairy Ice Cream

Here at Davison’s we are renowned for trying and experimenting with weird, wacky and wonderful flavours and are always looking for something different to try.

Last month whilst watching the Worlds Most Expensive Foods on Channel 4, we got thinking about what we could experiment with around this theme. So, this week we have made a  Vanilla & Caviar Davison’s Manx Dairy Ice Cream.

The aim was that our Award Winning Manx Dairy Ice Cream would work with the Caviar to create a truly unique taste and it does! The caviar pops on your tongue, and the rich, slightly salty taste along with the sweetness of the vanilla causes a taste sensation, along with Manx double cream, milk and butter this is one of a kind.

Here at Davison’s we love experimenting with unique, sometimes wacky and wonderful flavours. This is something we have never tried before and we are pretty sure has never been tried on the Isle of Man. We are keen to share these artisan tastes with our customer in our Ice Cream parlour. Caviar is delicacy many people will not get try and caviar in ice cream is even more exclusive, few people will get chance to try. We also have some other artisan flavours lined up for this year for our Ice Cream Parlour so keep an eye out for them on our website. If you have a flavour you think we should try then you should suggest it on our website. (

If you would like to try Vanilla & Caviar Davison’s Manx Dairy Ice Cream, it will be available for a limited period exclusively in our Peel, Ice Cream Parlour from today.

If you do go and try it share your pictures and feedback on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

For more information or if you would be interested in ordering a batch please contact us.

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